Hoshino Coffee Online Store Frequently Asked Questions


General Product Information

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans will be delivered in beans form and are not grounded.

Cakes are baked fresh when an order is placed and will be kept in freezers to preserve their freshness. Cakes are not defrosted when dispatched to ensure that they do not perish in the process of delivery. It is advised to place the cakes in the fridge for 30 minutes upon being received before consuming.

Soups are frozen products and will require heating up before consuming. If choose to heat it up in microwave, please defrost it and place the soup a bowl before microwaving it.



All cake orders (slice or whole cake) will arrive in cake boxes. The cake box is placed into a paper hand carrier bag when dispatched for delivery.

Madeleines, Financiers & Cookies
Madeleine and Financiers are packed individual plastic packaging. Depending on the order's size, they are either placed in small paper hand carriers or cake boxes before dispatching.

Small-sized cookies (Matcha Chocolate Chips Cookies & Chocolate Chip Cookies) contain 8 pieces per pack. Large-sized cookies (Matcha White Chocolate Cookies & Red Velvet Cookies) are packed in individual plastic packaging.

Storage & Shelf Life

Coffee Beans

It is recommended to place the beans in the fridge. Can be kept for up to 3 months.


It is recommended to keep it in the freezer if not consumed immediately. Can be kept for 7 days if kept in a freezer, consume within 3 days after defrosting.


If placed in the freezer, it can be kept for 14 days.

Returns & Refunds

We do not offer returns and refunds. Should you find any problems with the products, please get in touch with us using the contact form.